In recent years, the number of Travellers participating in primary schools has increased. However, there are still concerns regarding the outcome of their participation in primary schools as well as the low transference levels of Travellers to post-primary. Education disadvantage and in particular, early school leaving can lead to poor employment opportunities and a cycle of lifelong disadvantage Travellers experience in primary education can determine their participation in second level education. The low numbers of Traveller children progressing to post-primary education in the Tallaght area highlighted the need to support young Travellers transferring to participation in post primary education, with structured education/homework and recreational supports. This is the only after school club for post primary in Tallaght.

Club 2000 is a post – primary initiative that supports Travellers in their transference to, and participation in, second level education. It responds to the barriers affecting Travellers participation in second level education. Club 2000 is supported by Traveller specific community development programmers, and was developed to respond to needs identified by Travellers. This project works in participation with Travellers to promote the right of Travellers to enhance their participation in Irish society.

Club 2000 has developed good practice policy guidelines for working with club members; these include an anti-racist code of practice, child protection guidelines, good codes for working with young people and respecting the cultural rights of Travellers.

During 2015 14 young Travellers attended Club 2000
Two boys and one girl completed their Leaving Certificate
One girl graduated from back to Education and completed a Fetac Level 5 in Community Care

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