About Us

Our vision is of a society where justice, equality of opportunity and diversity are cherished and secured for all the population, and within which the Traveller community can flourish as an equal and respected partner actively contributing to the well-being of the whole community.
Mission Our mission in building this kind of society is to support Travellers and state agencies to address the legacy of racism experienced by Travellers through achieving equality of outcomes for Travellers in key social and economic areas, and through taking actions to reverse a decline in the quality of aspects of the Traveller culture and way of life.

1. To support Travellers and agencies in the provision of high quality and culturally appropriate accommodation.

2. To support Travellers and agencies in work to improve the Health of Travellers in Tallaght.

3. To work with Travellers and agencies to ensure quality of access, participation and outcomes for Travellers in formal, informal education and lifelong learning.

4. To ensure that Travellers in Tallaght have access to accurate, up to date and relevant information on a range of welfare and related issues.

5. To build, develop and maintain the capacity of Tallaght Travellers CDP to effectively carry out its work.

Tallaght Travellers CDP employs one Manager (F/T),
1 Coordinator PHCTP (F/T),
1 Men’s Worker (F/T),
1 Education Worker (P/T),
1 Administrator (P/T),
5 CHWS (1 and quarter WTE)

Community Development
Tallaght Travellers works with approximately over 300 families, as well as families living in standard accommodation we have 13 sites (Traveller specific accommodation) and 1 unofficial site.

In 2015 we successfully established a number of residents groups for residents on Traveller specific accommodation. Representatives from these groups were mentored and supported in order for them to actively engage with South Dublin County Council on their own behalf.

We addressed a large number of issues and concerns, in relation to accommodation which were raised by Travellers through our drop in service. Tallaght Travellers CDP and PHCTP led out a delegation of eight Traveller organisations from around the Country to the European Parliament in 2015.


Tallaght Travellers CDP are represented on a large range of local, regional and national committees including:-
– Community Development Advisory Group,
– South Dublin Community Platform,
– PPN,
– Minceir Whiden,
– Traveller Interagency Group,
– Local Traveller Accommodation Consultative Committee,
– National Traveller Health Network,
– National Traveller Drugs Network,
– Tallaght Drugs and Alcohol Task Force,
– Board of Management Fettercairn Horse Project,
– Eastern Regional Traveller Health Network,
– Eastern Regional Traveller Health Unit

We link into the Local Community Development Committee/Public Participation Networks/Linkage groups and the role of South Dublin Community Platform.